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Mind the Gap!

Há uma frase de Samuel Johnson que traduz com muito rigor aquilo que eu sinto sobre Londres: “Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

Londres é uma cidade fantástica que já tive a oportunidade de a visitar umas 3 vezes. Claro que ajuda muito à minha carteira o facto de não ter de procurar alojamento. Muito obrigado Ricardo Pedrosa por me teres recebido mais uma vez. Nesta 3ª viagem a Londres, fui acompanhado do Belmiro. Claro que fomos visitar os pontos emblemáticos de Londres, como a Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Big Ben, Tate Modern, Hyde Park, entre outros. Ainda tivemos tempo de fazer uma visita ao emblemático e bonito Windsor Castle. Mas além de termos feito um bocadinho de turismo, tentei fazer um bocadinho mais de fotografia de rua. É tão bom andar por Londres só a viver e a respirar a dinâmica de uma cidade super moderna e desenvolvida, onde a história e o passado se misturam tão bem.

Visitem Londres. É caro, é verdade, mas vale a pena. Viajar é a única coisa que compramos e no final ficamos mais ricos.

E claro, bebam uma PINT.

There is a sentence from Samuel Johnson that translates very closely what I feel about London: “Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford.”

London is a fantastic city that I have had the opportunity to visit 3 times. Of course my wallet thanks me to not have to look for accommodation. Thank you very much Ricardo Pedrosa for having received me one more time. On this 3rd trip to London, I went with Belmiro. Of course we went to visit the emblematic points of London, such as Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Big Ben, Tate Modern, Hyde Park, among others. We still had time to visit the iconic and beautiful Windsor Castle. But besides having done a bit of tourism, I tried to do a little more street photography. It is so good to walk through London just to live and breathe the dynamics of a super modern and developed city, where history and the past blend so well.
Visit London. It’s expensive, it’s true, but it’s worth it. Traveling is the only thing we buy and in the end we get richer.

And of course, drink a PINT.

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Iceland | A land like no other

Iceland is the most unique and exciting place on the planet that I know. It is a place like no other. This article is designed to help maximize your trip to this incredible place.

This itinerary provides you a 7 day road trip plan. We saw and read a lot of blogs and websites to prepare our trip, but we end following almost exactly the trip and blog of Alex Cornell. That’s why this blog post is almost identical to Alex Cornell. Not to copy, but because we followed his trip and tips.

All photos presented in this post is from my own.

Our plan


This was our plan. We can have it here.

Trust me, you do not go to Iceland to see Reykjavik (despite being a really nice city) or to sit on a tourbus.

You go to Iceland to have an unique experience of life and see our planet like a raw thing.

You will see incredible and unforgettable landscapes. You will see waterfalls like you never imagined. As the name implies, Iceland, will see ice and fire. We will see glaciers, geothermal energy, natural SPA, Northern lights. The beauty of Iceland is unique and I assure you that it will remain in your memory forever.

The Ring Road

pedrofilipefotografia_0300 pedrofilipefotografia_0324 pedrofilipefotografia_0345

If you go to Iceland, you must do the Ring Road. It is designed perfectly for a road trip. Many people that goes to Iceland stays in the south (that have beautiful things), but you should get the enough time to do the all Ring Road. In the north, you have the most incredible landscapes and for use, the north was very special, because we saw the Northern lights. Believe me, it was magical!

We drove the Ring Road counter-clockwise. But there a lot of people that does the opposite.

When To Go

Remember that Iceland is almost on the Arctic Pole, so in the winter you will have a big part of the day dark and in the summer we will have sun like forever. We went in the end of August, so we had good weather (only 1 day with rain) and not to crowdy. Iceland is turning in a very popular destination for photographers and adventures, so in this time of the year you will have more people and traffic, but it is ok.

The temperature was cold, but ok. Average of 10ºC.

What To Bring


You do not want to rely on GPS in Iceland. A hard copy map is recommended. We also had with us our military GPS used on our Geocaching times. This is crucial, especially if you go to drive on a F Road.

Clothes and Gear

Clothes are a very personal decision, but at least bring a good pair of boots because you have to hike in Iceland and a good coat to those times that the wind is really cold.


All you need in Iceland is your credit card. Every gas station, restaurant, shop, and accepts cards. Even the most isolated spots sometimes prefer cards. It’s possible to spend your entire trip in Iceland without handling money.

Where To Stay

There are plenty of accommodation options in Iceland around the entire Ring Road, but you need to book ahead, especially if you go on the crowed season (May and June).

We stayed always at a Hotel or a B&B. Yes, it is a lot more expensive, but you have also other commodities. We can consider also camping or camping in a RV (we saw a lot of people doing this way) for a unique experience… Whatever be your choice, you will not regret.

Driving in Iceland

To get around Iceland, you need to get a car. If you are short on money, a regular car is ok, but if you want to have a more Icelandic experience, you need to get a 4WD. You will have more space, comfort and you will be able to explore some scenarios that it is only possible to visit with a 4WD (F roads). But please be careful. With rain, some gravel streets are dangerous and you need to have special care.

Whatever rental company you choose, please don’t forget to add the gravel insurance. You may think that is unnecessary, but once you start driving in Iceland you will see why am I saying this.

We rented our car in Lagoon Car Rental. To be honest, I don’t think that I have enough words to thank them. All guys in the company were simply amazing. They picked us up at 2am at the airport. Right… 2 Am. In 5 minutes we were at the central office. They gave us coffee, tea and milk.

The cars are like new and recent. We rented a 4WD and Lagoon Car Rental gave us a Kia Sportage. Great car. We drove all around Iceland, including some F Road and we had 0 problems.

If you go to Iceland, don’t search rental companies. Our top choice is definitely, Lagoon Car Rental!

pedrofilipefotografia_0387 pedrofilipefotografia_0388 pedrofilipefotografia_0389

Food in Iceland

The food in Iceland is amazing. Truly, very good. So why do you often hear people lament how bad it is and that it’s “all about hot dogs”. This is true if you restrict your food sourcing to gas stations. If you branch out and try local restaurants, cafes and hotel eateries, then it’s very good. Gas stations are cheaper. We choose to lunch something while driving and having a relaxed dinner.

20160905_141218_6d2 20160905_141224_6d2

Day 1: Keflavík→Vestmannaeyjar


Like I said before, we arrived at KEF at 2 am. I get a little nap and started driving. We were so anxious. You will eventually end up in Vik for the night, but we prefer to know Vestmannaeyjar Islands. We’ve taken the ferry and had our first night there. The drive from KEF is only about 3 hours, but there are some terrific stops along the way. It’s a great route to get acclimated to Iceland and the pace of things.

Stay the night: Hotel Vestmannaeyjar

Dinner: 900 Grillhús


The drive along the southern coast is one of my absolute favorites. Some of Iceland’s most iconic sights are just off the Ring Road. There is also great opportunity for serious adventures.

  • Kerid Crater Lake – Take a walk around the crater and admire the contrast between the red rocks and the bright blue water, caused by minerals from the soil.
  • Seljalandsfoss – A stunning 60 metres high waterfall. And the best part is, you can go behind it. Definitely worth a visit for the magnificent scenery.
  • Seljavallalaug – This charming swimming pool is one of the oldest in Iceland! Soak yourself into warm termal water and enjoy.
  • Skógafoss – Come to see one of the biggest waterfalls in the country! A legend says that it hides a treasure. On sunny days, a rainbow can be seen.
  • Solheimasandur Plane Wreck – A plane crashed on Sólheimasandur beach on Sunday, Nov 24, 1973 and its remains can be still found here today. It became very popular with photographers, like us.
  • Dyrhólaey – This small peninsula with cliffs is a protected area. It’s home to many sea birds, including puffins, gulls and fulmars. Wonderful views.
  • Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach – This unique beach with black sand is a must if you want to take truly unusual photographs, alongside the lava columns rising out of the sea. According to the folklore legend, these are two trolls who attempted to drag a ship to land but were turned to stone.

pedrofilipefotografia_0301 pedrofilipefotografia_0302 pedrofilipefotografia_0303 pedrofilipefotografia_0304 pedrofilipefotografia_0305 pedrofilipefotografia_0306 pedrofilipefotografia_0307 pedrofilipefotografia_0308 pedrofilipefotografia_0309 pedrofilipefotografia_0310 pedrofilipefotografia_0311 pedrofilipefotografia_0312 pedrofilipefotografia_0313 pedrofilipefotografia_0314 pedrofilipefotografia_0315 pedrofilipefotografia_0316 pedrofilipefotografia_0317 pedrofilipefotografia_0318 pedrofilipefotografia_0319 pedrofilipefotografia_0320 pedrofilipefotografia_0321 pedrofilipefotografia_0322 pedrofilipefotografia_0323

Day 2: Vestmannaeyjar →Hofn


The drive up to Hofn is about the same length as Day 1. This leaves you plenty of time to explore and go on at least one longer adventure. This part of Iceland is still relatively tourist-heavy, as you’re still near Reykjavik.

Stay the NightOld Airline Guesthouse. We had a great night here. Very calm and very comfy.

Dinner: Z Bistro

There is a ton to do on the way to Hofn.

  • Fjaðrárgljúfur – Formed at the end of the last Ice Age, this canyon is definitely worth the trip. Admire the views as you hide along the river.
  • Black Waterfall – Popular attraction in Skaftafell National Park.
  • Skaftafell – A breathtaking nature reserve somewhat reminiscent of alpine landscape. The climate is relatively mild which render the park well accessible. The vast range of hiking trails make this area an ideal destination for those who like outdoor activities. Also, Skaftafell is a popular destination during winter time not only due to lesser crowds, but also for its beautiful icy appearence.
  • Glacier Lagoon – Perhaps one of the world’s greatest natural jewels. The lagoon is a must see while here and definitely worth the trip.

pedrofilipefotografia_0325 pedrofilipefotografia_0326 pedrofilipefotografia_0327 pedrofilipefotografia_0328 pedrofilipefotografia_0329 pedrofilipefotografia_0330 pedrofilipefotografia_0331 pedrofilipefotografia_0332 pedrofilipefotografia_0333 pedrofilipefotografia_0334 pedrofilipefotografia_0335

Day 3 & 4: Hofn→ Lake Mývatn


On this day we drove a lot until Lake Mývatn. It was about six hours driving. But we stayed 2 nights at Lake Mývatn. And it was a great decision, because we had 2 nights of Northern Lights.

Stay the nightVogafjós Guesthouse – Awesome guesthouse set in a unique natural environment.
Dinner: Gamli Bistro

The route along the southeastern coast, through the East Fjords, is probably one of the most underrated parts of Iceland, but it is beautiful. The Lake Mývatn region is one of the most interesting and unusual parts of Iceland.

  • Dettifoss – Set in Vatnajökull National Park, it is said to be the most powerfull waterfall in Europe. It’s 45 metres high and 100 metres wide.
  • Víti Crater – The word “víti” means “hell” in Icelandic. Despite the name, this calm place with amazingly clear blue water does not resemble hell at all. See yourself.
  • Krafla Caldera – One of the best known craters in Iceland is worth visiting for its beautiful opaque lake.
  • Námafjall – In this geothermal area, you can admire colorful sulfur crystals and try to hike a short trail.
  • Myvatn Nature Baths – This soothing bath will help you relax and improve your health, thanks to the minerals in the water. A great experience.
  • Hverfjall – Hverfjall, also known as Hverfell. Explore this volcano, one of the most symmetrical craters in the world.
  • Lake Mývatn – A popular tourist destination. The natural beauty is something to behold and the waterbirds population is abundant.

pedrofilipefotografia_0336 pedrofilipefotografia_0337 pedrofilipefotografia_0338 pedrofilipefotografia_0339 pedrofilipefotografia_0340 pedrofilipefotografia_0341 pedrofilipefotografia_0342 pedrofilipefotografia_0343 pedrofilipefotografia_0344 pedrofilipefotografia_0346 pedrofilipefotografia_0347 pedrofilipefotografia_0348 pedrofilipefotografia_0349 pedrofilipefotografia_0350 pedrofilipefotografia_0351 pedrofilipefotografia_0352 pedrofilipefotografia_0353 pedrofilipefotografia_0354 pedrofilipefotografia_0355 pedrofilipefotografia_0356 pedrofilipefotografia_0357 pedrofilipefotografia_0358 pedrofilipefotografia_0359

Day 5: Mývatn→ Laugarbakki


On this day, you are basically crushing it all the way from North Iceland, to the edge of the West Fjords. It’s one of the longer drives you’ll have. You’ll also pass through Akureyri, which is Iceland’s second largest urban center. Worth a stop for food and supplies.

Stay the NightHotel Laugarbakki. Fully renewed. Great restaurant and hot tubes.
Dinner: Hotel Laugarbakki

There are only a few listed sights on this route. But prepper yourself for gorgeous open roads and unexpected scenery.

  • Aldeyjarfoss – A beautiful waterfall with impressive surroundings.
  • Goðafoss Waterfall – Also called the Waterfall of the Gods, this waterfall is truly impressive. The water of the river falls from a height of 12 meters over a width of 30 meters. Marvel as its shades of blue even during some dreary weather which is rather common in Iceland.

pedrofilipefotografia_0360 pedrofilipefotografia_0361 pedrofilipefotografia_0362 pedrofilipefotografia_0363 pedrofilipefotografia_0364 pedrofilipefotografia_0365

Day 6 & 7: Laugarbakki → Reykjavik


You’re almost home! This next drive takes you to Reykjavik, which is very close to the Golden Circle attractions. But before you got to Snaefellsnes Peninsula. It was a quick detour, but it worth it.

Stay the Night: Airbnb – Laugardalur. Great house near city center with a lot of space and very modern.

We stayed 2 nights in Reykjavik. We had time to visit the Golden Circle attractions, to visit Reykjavik city centre. It is a small city to visit by foot, with a vibrant and modern feel with a lot of street art and culture.

  • Bridge between  the Continents – A bridge between Euroasian and North American tectonic plates.
  • Kirkjufellsfoss – Waterfall. Definitely worth the detour.
  • Blue Lagoon – A geothermal spa, located in a lava field.
  • Church of Hallgrímur – This architectural gem will take your breath away. The design of the building is really something unique and a must see.
  • Thingvellir National Park – A UNESCO World Heritage site. The park may be famous for being the first place where the Icelandic parliament assembled, but it’s splendor and sport activities that attract its visitors.
  • Öxarárfoss – The stream of the Öxará river falling to the Almannagjá gorge is one of the main attractions of Thingvellir National Park.
  • Geysir – The one that named them all. Usually, it erupts daily, but even if you don’t manage to see the water, it is definitely worth a visit.

pedrofilipefotografia_0366 pedrofilipefotografia_0367 pedrofilipefotografia_0368 pedrofilipefotografia_0375

pedrofilipefotografia_0369 pedrofilipefotografia_0370 pedrofilipefotografia_0371 pedrofilipefotografia_0372 pedrofilipefotografia_0373 pedrofilipefotografia_0374 pedrofilipefotografia_0376 pedrofilipefotografia_0377 pedrofilipefotografia_0378 pedrofilipefotografia_0379 pedrofilipefotografia_0380 pedrofilipefotografia_0381 pedrofilipefotografia_0382 pedrofilipefotografia_0383 pedrofilipefotografia_0384 pedrofilipefotografia_0385 pedrofilipefotografia_0386

The last thing a lot of people do in Iceland is visit the Blue Lagoon (about 45min from Reykjavik, near the airport). If you’ve never been, go check it out. But personally, I didn’t loved it. We went there just before going to the airport and it was ok to relax. I much prefer the Mývatn Baths.

One more big thanks to Lagoon Car Rental for all the support. You were amazing, guys.

I hope that this post would be helpful. If you need more details, please feel free to contact me.

Hugo, João e Cátia (minha querida esposa), obrigado por terem feito parte desta aventura única e memorável nas nossas vidas.

Destination Wedding | Patricia + Pedro @Convento de Alpendurada

Este é um daqueles casamentos que nos marcam e que vai ficar na nossa memória durante muitos anos, não só pelo casamento incrível, mas também pela Patricia e pelo Pedro. A Patricia e o Pedro começaram como nossos clientes, mas rapidamente se tornaram nossos amigos. Deixem-me recordar-vos neste link a nossa passagem pela Bélgica para a Sessão Engagement. Ao recordarem este post percebem que o bem receber deste casal está num patamar muito elevado.

O casamento foi uma fantástica e rica mistura de culturas. Reparem bem… A Patricia é belga e o Pedro português. Conheceram-se na Hungria e estão a morar em Londres.

O casamento foi no Convento de Alpendurada e o local não podia ter sido melhor escolhido. Tivemos um London Bus para transportar os convidados, actuação da Tuna de Medicina da Universidade do Porto e baile de máscaras ao som do Fantasma da Ópera e nos claustros do Convento. Claro está que a festa durou até de manhã. De manhã mesmo e com o sol já bem alto. Para isto também ajudou e muito o DJ Miguel Valongo. Com ele não há como falhar e em muito contribuiu para a festa estar sempre ao rubro.

Muito mais haveria a dizer, mas prefiro que as imagens contem o resto da história.

This is one of those weddings that mark us and that will stay in our memories for many years, not only for the amazing wedding, but also because Patricia and Pedro. Patricia and Pedro started as our customers, but quickly became our friends. Let me remind you the link to our trip to Belgium for the Engagement Session. By reading this post you can easily realize that the hospitality of this couple is at a very high level.

The wedding was a fantastic and rich mixture of cultures. See why… Patricia is Belgian and Pedro is a portuguese boy. They met in Hungary and they are living in London.

The wedding was in Convento Alpendurada. And what a great place… We had a London bus to transport the guests, Tuna of Medicine played a serenata and masquerade at the sound of Phantom of the Opera and in the cloisters of the Convent. It is clear that the party lasted until morning and DJ Miguel Valongo had an important role on that. He is an awesome DJ and contributed greatly to the party.

There’s much more to be said, but we prefer that the images tells the rest of the story.

destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_001 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_002 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_003 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_004 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_005 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_006 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_007 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_008 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_009 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_010 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_011 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_012 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_013 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_014 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_015 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_016 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_017 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_018 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_019 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_020 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_021 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_022 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_023 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_024 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_025 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_026 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_027 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_028 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_029 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_030 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_031 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_032 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_033 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_034 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_035 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_036 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_037 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_038 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_039 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_040 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_041 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_042 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_043 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_044 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_045 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_046 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_047 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_048 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_049 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_050 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_051 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_052 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_053 destination-wedding-_-patricia-pedro-convento-alpendurada_054g Po

Fornecedores / Vendors

Video: Belmiro Ribeiro – Vídeo | Photography: Pedro Filipe Fotografia | Venue: Convento de Alpendurada | Animation: DJ Miguel Valongo

Bridal Beauty | Os preparativos

Para mim o mais importante de um casamento é a calma e a felicidade dos noivos.

Os preparativos, tanto da noiva como do noivo, são uma parte muito importante do dia. É fundamental para encararem o dia com todo o ânimo e alegria que queremos num casamento. Todos os meus noivos são aconselhados nesse sentido. Acordar sem pressa, tomar um bom pequeno almoço e começaram a preparar-se com a maior tranquilidade possível. Não stressem. Estejam com os amigos… Desfrutem de todos os momentos.

Esta noiva é um bom exemplo de calma, tranquilidade, mas acima de tudo, muita felicidade.

One of the most important thing in a wedding is the calm and the happiness of the bride and groom.
The preparations of both are a very important part of the day. It is essential to face the day with all the courage and joy that we want in a wedding. All my clients are advised for that part of the day. Waking up without rushing, have a good breakfast and began to prepare with calm. Don’t stress out. Be with your friends … Enjoy every and single moment of your wedding.

This bride is a good example of calm, tranquility and happiness.
Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0219 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0220 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0221 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0222 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0223 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0224 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0225 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0226 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0227Mais fotografias em: www.pedrofilipe

E-Session | Joe + Krista

O Joe Joralemon e a Krista são um casal norte americano que eu tive o imenso prazer de fotografar numa sessão engagement. Quando se junta um casal apaixonado, divertido e simpático o resultado só poderia ser bom. A tudo isto ainda acrescentar a magia da nossa cidade do Porto… Que mais podemos pedir?
Joe and Krista are an American couple who I had the great pleasure of photographing an engagement session. When you have a couple deeply in love, funny and friendly the result could only be good. Adding the magical of Oporto city… What more can we ask?
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E-Session | Patricia + Pedro

Já têm o cachecol de Portugal no pescoço? Antes que sejam 20h e parem em frente à TV tenho algo bem giro e descontraído para vos mostrar.

Hoje trago-vos a incrível Engagement Session da Patricia e do Pedro. Ah… Só por curiosidade, eles casaram ontem no Convento de Alpendurada. Foi uma festa fantástica. Muito divertimento, boa música, gente gira… Foi um prazer enorme termos lá estado a documentar mais uma história de amor.

Mas voltemos à Engagement Session… No dia 24 de Junho partimos rumo à Bélgica. Foi um fim de semana simplesmente fabuloso. A Patricia é belga e jurista e o Pedro é tuga e médico. Ficamos hospedados em casa da Patricia, mas fomos tratados como reis num hotel de 5 estrelas.

No dia seguinte partimos para Bruges. Que bom foi revisitar esta cidade histórica e fabulosa… Adivinham onde fomos almoçar? Ao veleiro da Patricia. Não preciso gastar muito latim para facilmente entenderem que foi revigorante, relaxante e único. Terminamos o dia de trabalho em Antuérpia, onde tivemos oportunidade de degustar umas cervejas belgas neste este bar super diferente ‘T Elfdge Gebod (vejam as fotografias).

Com casais apaixonadas como a Patricia e Pedro, nem sentimentos que estávamos em trabalho. São calmos, super simpáticos e a empatia foi imediata. Como curiosidade… Conheceram-se na Hungria e o Pedro pediu a Patricia em casamento na China. Sabem quantas nacionalidades diferentes tiveram presentes ontem no casamento? 5? 10? 15? Não… 20 nacionalidades diferentes.

Bem… Não vos chateio mais e cá ficam as fotografias. Bom Domingo e toca a apoiar Portugal!

Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0166 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0167 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0168 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0169 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0170 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0171 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0172 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0173 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0174 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0175 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0176 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0177 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0178 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0179 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0180 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0181 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0182 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0183 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0184 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0185 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0186 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0187 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0188 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0189 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0190 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0191 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0192 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0193 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0194 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0195 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0196 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0197Mais trabalhos em:

Bridal Beauty

Uma das minhas mais recentes noivas a preparar-se para o dia de casamento.

One of my latest brides getting ready for the wedding.

Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0165

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E-Session | Rita + João

Olá. Que tal este feriado?

Confesso que já há muitos meses que não me lembrava da sensação de não ter hora para acordar. E soube muito bem… Tomar o pequeno almoço em casa tranquilamente. Cozinhar com a Cátia… Bem, isto considerando que pôr sal e cortar alho aos bocadinhos são tarefas que cheguem para eu poder considerar que também cozinhei.

Mas não foi para falar do meu quotidiano que hoje vos escrevo, mas sim para vos contar um bocadinho da engagement session que realizei com a Rita e o João.

Conheci o João durante o curso de CAP e quem diria que passados uns bons 5 anos iria fotografar o casamento dele. Nessa altura, acho que pouca ou nada entendia de fotografia. Pensar nisto, faz-me olhar para trás e perceber como as coisas se desenvolveram tão rápido. Sinto-me um afortunado.

O local escolhido para a sessão foi Mira. É uma zona muito especial para ambos e que bem escolhido foi. Desde a saída da autoestrada até ao ponto de encontro o meu entusiasmo foi aumentando a cada metro. A calma de um dia da semana, as casas coloridas, a praia…

O dia estava nublado e ainda tivemos a companhia de uns chuviscos, mas nada disso impediu de criarmos fotografias únicas.

A simpatia, o à vontade e os sorrisos da Rita e do João fizeram com as horas passassem a voar.

Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0149 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0150 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0151 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0152 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0153 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0154 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0155 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0156 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0157 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0158 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0159 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0160 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0161 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0162 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0163 Pedro Filipe Fotografia_0164

Maternity Session | Pedro + Isabel

Hoje estou a escrever-vos directamente de Lisburn.

Onde é isso? Perguntarão vocês. Eu ajudo… Lisburn é uma pequena cidade perto de Belfast. É a segunda vez que cá venho e continuo a adorar a Irlanda. As pessoas, as cores, os costumes, a cultura, as paisagens de cortar a respiração… Tenho a certeza que quando chegar a casa, provavelmente terei menos alguns € na carteira, mas serei muito mais rico enquanto pessoa.

Mas não foi só passear e beber alguma cerveja que me trouxe cá. O Pedro (meu cunhado) e a Isabel estão cá a morar e daqui por 3 meses vão ser pais de um pequenito. Ora, sendo eu fotógrafo, seria um disparate não aproveitar estes dias cá para realizar uma sessão com eles. O difícil foi escolher os locais, pois aqui o que não faltam são cenários incríveis.

Depois de um dia de chuva, o dia escolhido para a sessão acordou cinzento, mas após o almoço as nuvens foram dar uma volta e ficamos com uma tarde de sol e com uma luz fantástica.

Estou super contente com as fotos obtidas. Foi uma tarde super bem passada. Luz, sol, calor e boa disposição. Bem sei como por vezes é difícil estarmos à vontade em frente a uma objectiva, mas o Pedro, a Isabel e o Eduardo (o pequenote que ainda está na barriguita da mãe) não se acanharam nada.

E como terminou o nosso dia? Obviamente com uma pint na mão.

See you soon.

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